Real Estate Division

Marker The Real Estate Division of the Commissioner of State Lands is located at 1020 W. 4th Street, in Little Rock (on the corner of 4th & Ringo Streets). This Division processes the payment of delinquent property taxes. If you have unpaid taxes certified to the State of Arkansas, you may redeem them on this website by clicking the “Pay Taxes” button. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you may call the Real Estate Division at 501-324-9422 or visit our office, to request a Petition To Redeem - a legal document noting the amount of taxes, penalties and interest due on delinquent property. The petition must be signed and returned to the State Land Office with proper payment.

To learn more about redeeming tax delinquent property, please review the Delinquent Taxes brochure. If you believe you have delinquent property certified to the state, you may redeem or request a Petition to Redeem on this web site. You will need the properties’ parcel number, which is located on your real property tax bill.

The Real Estate Division also researches tax delinquent land titles to notify owners and interested parties that land has been scheduled for sale. This division conducts public auctions of tax delinquent property and online auctions of unsold properties. You can view and download the public auction catalog on this web site and see the online auction of unsold properties here

Redeeming tax delinquent property does not change the property’s ownership. Anyone may redeem delinquent taxes.

The Real Estate Division also processes requests for patent information, and houses the county certification books.